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To the left of the Punt de Gantxo House (Casa del Punt in Gantxo), you will see a square where it is located in the Archaeological Center of l'Almoina.

This ambitious project endowed with avant-garde solutions, allows admiring remains of settlements of the different civilizations in Valencia. Of great importance are the Roman remains as monumental buildings, some baths from the 2nd century, the two main streets of the Roman city. It also highlights a courtyard in an old Muslim city.
Formerly this square was known as the Tenth of June Bruto.

In front of the archaeological site, we have the rear of the well-known Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados. A ceramic mural with the image of the Virgin commemorates the Virgin's anniversary as honorary mayor. The “May 8 _ _ _ _” of which year you received this title.

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