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War against Spain

War against Spain

In the direction of the Capitol you will find the statue of Ensign Worth Bagley.

At the end of the 18th century the Spanish Empire was exhausted after the war against France. They also begin to suffer independence movements in Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay, Cuba, Colombia... Simultaneously Spain has to fight against Great Britain to defend the territories in Argentina. The Spanish Empire is unable to fight on all fronts and is very weakened.

In 1898 an American warship, the USS Maine, is sunk in Cuba after an explosion. The United States blamed Spain for an attack that triggered the Spanish-American War. Spain, unable to keep fights in all fronts, loses Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam in favor of the United States.

In the explosion USS Maine, soldier Worth Bagley was dead, so it is considered the first fallen in the Spanish-American War.

Which sailor symbol is on the pedestal of the Bagley statue?

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