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San Francisco Bastion (Dilao)

San Francisco Bastion (Dilao)

The intramuros walls have an average width of 2.4 meters and in some areas they reach 7 meters in height. Surrounding the wall there is a large moat. Along the entire defensive perimeter we can find:
- Gates: There were a total of 7 (Puerta Almacenes, Puerta de la Aduana, Puerta de Santo Domingo, Puerta Isabel II, Puerta del Parián, Puerta Real, Puerta Santa Lucía and Puerta del Postigo). Today only 5 of these gates remain.
- Bastions: Fortification at the corners of the polygon that forms the wall. They were a total of 4 (San Diego, San Andrés, San Francisco and San Gabriel)
- Revelins: Triangular structures in front of the wall between two bastions. Some of them are Puerta Real, Recoletos, and Parian.

In this bastion you can find a dozen heavy artillery weapons that were used to defend Manila. What are these weapons called?

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