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Round Square

Round Square

Advance to the right of the Town Hall and leave the square until you reach the intersection of San Vicent street (San Vicente) and Mª Cristina avenue. Continue on San Vicent street until you reach Pescadería street (fourth on your left) which will take you to Redonda square (Plaza Redonda).

Plaza Redonda is one of the unique tourist attractions of Valencia due to its particular construction. Rehabilitated in 2012, this place has become one of the most charming corners of the city. Surrounded by traditional craft shops and tapas bars on the ground floor, tradiotional shops that offer bobbin lace, embroidery, souvenirs shops from Valencia, among other products, complete the offer.

In the center of the square there is a Fountain, from which you can see a beautiful new perspective of the Santa Catalina Catalina Bell-Tower. And don't forget to locate the narrowest house in Valencia.

What material is the fountain in the center of the square made of?

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