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Women at the Civil War

Women at the Civil War

You are starting your adventure in the historic center of Raleigh, in front of the Capitol. This is the principal seat of the Government of the United States in North Carolina. The wonderful building that you are looking at, was built in 1883 and it is one of the best architectural examples of the Greek Renaissance.

However, this is not the first capitol of the city, near this this place the first state house was built in 1796, but it was destroyed after a fire in 1831.

Look for a sculpture where you will see a woman sitting with a book, and a boy holding a saber. This 1914 monument honors the difficulties and sacrifices of the women of North Carolina during the Civil War.

On the sides of the statue's pedestal you will see two bronze plaques with scenes from the Civil War. Which animals appear on those plates?

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