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Punt de Gantxo House

Punt de Gantxo House

Keep going around the Cathedral on the right (Barcella street) until you reach Almoina square (Plaça de l’Almoina) at the back of the Cathedral. There you will see the emblematic Punt de Gantxo House (Casa del Punt de Gantxo).

This building is the work of the architect Manuel Peris Ferrando, in a modernist style, and was built on the San Valero chapel. It is a residential building consisting of a ground floor and four heights. The most prominent part of the building corresponds to the facade that faces the Plaza de la Almoina. They stand out on its main façade with its rich vegetal ornamentation of typically modernist sgraffito, its characteristic red color, the balconies, some made of stone with profuse ornamentation and others made of iron forging.

And don't forget to take an audiovisual trip through the history of Valencia in the Archaeological Crypt of San Vicente Mártir (in front of the Casa del Punt in Gantxo). Guided tour of an ancestor that revives the origins of the city and includes a valuable exhibition of pieces related to the place: Roman wall painting, Visigoth altar and cancel, Islamic materials and a sculpture of Saint Vincent the Martyr. An archaeological site worth admiring.

What does the figure of San Valero on the door of the Punt de Gantxo House (Casa del Punt de Gantxo) hold in his right hand?

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