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Casa Manila (Manila House)

Casa Manila (Manila House)

Moving a little further down the street "General Luna", and visible from the Church of San Agustin, you will see Casa Manila (Manila House).

This house is one of the jewels of intramuros, it is a good example of a “stone house” (bahay na bato) built during the Spanish colonial period. In this type of building, Spanish colonial architecture predominates, but you can appreciate the Chinese influence, and the adaptation to the materials and climate of the area.

These houses belonged to people of the highest social classes. They had a ground floor made of stone (or brick) where the patio predominated, and an upper floor made of bamboo or nipa wood (a type of palm).

Today it is a “must see“ museum where we can see a large number of utensils and furniture from that time, and it will allow us to know what colonial life was like in Manila 300 years ago.

Look for the main door of Casa Manila ("Real" street). Above the door, engraved in the rock, you will see a large vase with fruit and floral motifs. You can also see the year in which this building was restored. In what year was Casa Manila rebuilt?

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