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Tourist walking tours with a touch of adventure

explore, learn, know, enjoy,...

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Tourist scavenger hunts

We propose you to start an adventure where you are the protagonist. Look for and follow the clues that will take you to places with history and to pay attention to curious details that often go unnoticed.
itinerario turistico autoguiado
gymkanas turisticas
In each point of the itinerary, you will have to look for the answer to a riddle that will give you the way to the next point. Complete this tour as a kind of treasure hunt (gymkhana) while you enjoy and get to know the heritage and history of an area. Pass all the quizs, and you will discover what is at the end of your adventure. Good luck!

How does this work?

First, there are two good news, you won't need to download an app that takes up your device's memory (you only have to access the WebApp with your internet browser), and you won't need to create an account or register on this platform.

This is very simple:

1- Choose the language in which you want to play.
2- Choose an adventure guide among the available ones.
3- Go to the place where the chosen adventure begins.
4- Follow the clues and enter the keywords that will open the way to the following tests until you complete your adventure.

In line with our 'the simpler, the better' philosophy, we don't use your GPS on our web app. So your adventure will not be interrupted inside buildings (museums) or when you move between tall buildings and narrow streets. In addition, we avoid high consumption of the mobile device battery.
innovacion turistica

Can I create and add an adventure to this platform?

divertidas guias turisticas
Of course you can, and that's the idea.

The content of this platform is generated by its users, and of course by organizations, companies and cultural and tourism entities.

If you know a place well, use your creativity to create an adventure guide that allows you to make it known in an effective, fun, enjoyable and, above all, innovative way.

You can create an adventure guide to a historic center, a museum, an archaeological site, a park with its statues, unique trees and monuments, a cemetery,...

We will be delighted to publish your tourist scavenger hunt and see how it is enjoyed by thousands of tourists.

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Talk about us

If you have a tourist business (hotel, rural house, restaurant, museum, gift shop...) offer this experience to your clients.

Download and print the adventure booklet and place it in a visible place. If you have a website, add a link to this platform.

Thank you very much.


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