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Holy Week of Plasencia

Location: Spain > Cáceres > Plasencia
Description: Discover the Holy Week in Plasencia which has been declared of Regional Tourist Interest. Walk the streets of the historic centre thanks to this gymkhana that will take you past the most emblematic cathedrals, churches, and convents of the city. With a history stretching back over 8 centuries, it is considered the oldest Holy Week in Extremadura. A total of 11 brotherhoods, 29 pasos (an image or set of images upon a moveable float of wood) with 63 images and 4,000 brotherhoods are waiting for you. It is a moment of passion, seclusion and the smell of incense. We challenge you now to discover the end of this particular procession.

Difficulty: 2/5
Time (hours): 1
Author: Kirsty Knowles

To begin the adventure go to the following address:
El Salvador Square
Plasencia (Cáceres)

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Amazing Tour
A good way to know the Holy Week.
Luisma (2023-04-07)

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