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El Rosario Church

El Rosario Church

Move ahead, leaving the house of Ruy López behind you, and at the end of the street you will be able to see the Puerta del Cubo (the Pail Gateway). Head towards this gateway of the walled enclosure of the town. This was the northern gateway in the walls of Zafra and gets its name from the "pail" or "bucket" shape of the tower which it guards. Over it we can see the figure of Santiago Matamoros on horseback.

Outside the walls we can see the Encarnación y Mina Convent. It is popularly known as "El Rosario", as it is home to the image of Cristo del Rosario (Christ of the Rosary), which is greatly beloved by the people of Zafra.

Look next at the Arco del Cubo to find a plaque which shows the date when construction of the walls began. This year will allow you to continue on your way.

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