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The Large Square

The Large Square

Keep going along Tetuán Street and you will arrive almost immediately in the Plaza Grande.

This square is home to the house where the writer Dulce Chacón grew up. It is the larger of the town's porticoed squares, dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The area open to traffic is where the old medieval church and its cemetery stood in the past.

The pedestrian area is in the shelter of tall palm trees, and here we can find a brick faced building with three columns of white marble supporting a window with four arches. At the foot of this house, we can see three cylindrical columns, one of which has an inscription which says, "On the 5th day of May the Most Holy Christ of the Rosary departed and entered the Collegiate Church".

The inscription on the column shows the year when this event occurred, and this number will allow you to progress along your route.

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