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The Measuring Bar

The Measuring Bar

In one corner of the Plaza Grande, we will find an open archway called the Arquillo del Pan (the little arch of bread), named for the product that was sold here. As you pass through to go to the Plaza Chica (Small Square), beneath it you will be able to see the small 15th century altarpiece of the Virgen de la Esperancita, revered by the neighbours living in these squares.

Now that you are in the Plaza Chica, carved into the column closest to the Arquillo del Pan we can see a Measuring Bar. This is the 83cm Castilian measuring bar which was the length used as a standard by the square's traders. It is believed that the standards for weight and volume were also located here, so that they could be used to corroborate the measurements of buyers and sellers of the Zoco (marketplace).

Count the number of columns around this picturesque square and write it below in order to continue.

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